Why We Do What We Do

CPU® believes in challenging the status-quo for SCADA and Measurement, both hosted and owned, because we know it can be done better.

What We Do

CPU® is changing the old SCADA and Measurement host Model and implementing a new age of SCADA based on the revolutionary RelationalSCADA®.


Computerized Processes Unlimited LLC, (CPU®) has delivered high quality SCADA systems to the oil and gas industry since 1985. From its initial focus on offshore platform projects, CPU has expanded to become an industry leader and innovator in the control systems arena. CPU delivers solutions in the following areas: gas pipeline SCADA; gas measurement and volume accounting; offshore platform production, and customized software solutions to fit specific client needs. In addition to delivering these solutions to exacting client standards, CPU provides 24-hour support and on-site and in-house training programs.

CPU employs professionals with degrees from many disciplines including computer science, engineering, and business. CPU is based in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana, and has personnel stationed in Dallas and Houston, Texas and in Calgary, Alberta.

An early leader in open system technologies, CPU has delivered systems based on this technology approach for over two decades. CPU's technologies, methodologies, and complementary products enable it to deliver systems that are easily extended and connected to the enterprise.

CPU is committed to the satisfaction of its clients: A general philosophy of providing high quality solutions, coupled with a real focus on client needs and expectations, has taken CPU to the forefront of the SCADA industry.

Offshore Experience: CPU personnel have experience with many state-of-the-art drilling and production platforms, including tension-leg platforms, SPAR platforms and stationary facilities.

CPU Gas Measurement: CPU brings gas flow data management integration into the offering with its collection, tracking, and archival software, Enterprise Flow Computer Archival System, eFCAS™, that acquires and manages flow computer data, ensuring data integrity by:
• Controlling data security,
• Maintaining original data,
• Allowing controlled editing of data with a secure audit trail, and
• Detecting and recording changes made in the field.

CPU Gas Pipeline SCADA: CPU offers total enterprise solutions for gas pipeline control, providing gas flow data management; audit capability in compliance with API 21.1; integration to business systems; real-time control of gas pipeline systems; and historical data access, from systems that span several states to systems that serve local utilities.

Moreover, CPU's base SCADA functionality has furnished resources for data collection and storage. This includes time keeping, data acquisition, alarm and event management, supervisory control, calculation engine, historian, logging and reporting, system security, backup and failover, and configuration tools.

CPU Professional Services

CPU's Professional Services specialize in SCADA and Measurement deployment and integration for Oil and Gas but spans Water/Waste Water as well as Electrical Integration and Systems Integration. Call us at 504-456-7446 to see if we can help you today.

Training: CPU offers courses either at its offices in Metairie, Louisiana or anywhere else, worldwide.

24-Hour Support: CPU provides 24-hour support. Service packages can be pre-purchased on a contractual basis, or they can be provided on a per incident basis. Support personnel are based at the Metairie office, in Dallas, and in Calgary, where they can respond rapidly to any support situation that arises.

Rapid Application Development: CPU excels at connecting a SCADA system to the enterprise's business systems. CPU's approach is "enterprise-aware" to accommodate corporate information systems. With eFCAS™ technology, CPU's professionals create interconnections between field data streams, control systems, engineering environments, historical databases, and corporate information systems.

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