CPU used the eFCAS Suite of products, specifically the RelationalSCADATM component, to create a specialized and uniquely tuned solution for Salt Water Disposal (SWD) sites. An SWD site can be a Salt Water Injection site or a Salt Water Reclamation site. There is no better solution for SWD sites than eFCAS. This solution, like none other, provides features such as:

  Mutli-site Overview Alarming and Call-outs
  Multi-site Reporting Pump Controls
  Multi-site Remote Control Trending
  Security Camera Controls Secure Data Storage
  Trucker Login Verification Lighting Controls
  Monitor and Control Offloading Construction
  Manage Companies, Truckers, & Tickets  

Multi-site Overview
Monitoring multiple SWD sites with eFCAS is quick and easy. The user can see an Overview Map of all of the sites and totals for all sites consolidated into the banner including total estimated income for the day and the month.



The Overview Map offers an easy way to see a summary of each site as well and a status of each site. It also allows for reporting over multiple sites quickly and easily. Drill-down and navigate to all necessary screens to monitor progress and processes alike.

Multi-site Reporting
eFCAS’ powerful reporting tools can be either per site, per state, per field, or over all sites. eFCAS reporting is built-in to the eFCAS Client for ease of use and powerful customized reports fit just for your needs. These reports can be templated so that each site has the same information per site and modifications to the reports are quick and easy. Reports can be as complicated as Railroad Commission P-18 report or as easy as a ticket totaling report that rolls up data for all tickets in the time period. There are standard, out-of-the-box reports for tickets, sales, and government reports.

Multi-site Remote Control
With the eFCAS Suite and the eFCAS Client, monitoring multiple sites remotely is a snap. The remote sites can replicate the required information to the corporate server, and then users at corporate can perform the appropriate reporting and invoicing.

The Directors can either view the data from the corporate site or connect directly to the remote site and monitor and/or control the site from the corporate office. Other resources can monitor the site only, either from the corporate site or connect to the remote sites.

Security Camera Controls
Performing remote monitoring at any facility requires security while no one is there. With eFCAS, users can not only monitor the process, they can monitor the facility through security cameras and control the security cameras through the eFCAS Client. This allows for seamless control over the entire facility. eFCAS supports all web-enabled cameras.

Trucker Login Verification
When Trucks arrive at the site to offload water, the driver must input in the proper informat. This information includes inputting in the company code, the driver must login properly to be verified and be able to select the bay in question. The trucker will also input how many barrels they believe they will be offloading, which will be reconciled later with the actual amount they offloaded. They can also search for and input the well API number for the well they are offloading and then turn on the pump.

Monitor and Control Offloading
See and control every aspect of the process including instantaneous flows, pressures, and tank levels. Monitor and control the Offloading process in real-time. Navigate seamlessly from screen to screen including the injection screen, the overview screen, the set points and the reports.

Manage Companies, Truckers, Wells, and Tickets
With eFCAS Mimics, the administrator can easily manage wells, companies, tickets, and truckers to ensure the system runs smoothly.
Administrators can update the Well tables as needed, many times before government organizations receive them into their systems. As new companies come in to use the facility, the administrator can easily add new companies and truckers to the system with little effort. This is a crucial component in keeping reporting and business running smooth.

Alarming and Call-outs
eFCAS Alarms are a built-in feature that allows for scalable, customizable alarms as well as call-out functionality. Alarms can be setup to audible for the operator, the complete site, or not at all. They can also be setup to only send call-outs without having on-site audible alarms.

Lighting Controls
Lighting is crucial for facilities operating 24x7. Managing the SWD facility entails many functions throughout the day. The ability to fully control lights, including turning them on and off remotely can save time and money. With eFCAS, the operator has the ability to turn on lights, and off. This can also be done individually or all together through eFCAS’ advanced HMI interfa

Secure Data Storage
A secure data storage method is a requirement for any Corporate SWD Solution. eFCAS is no different in this regard. eFCAS supports storage of data in a secure, relational database. This database is ADO Compliant and secured with user names and passwords.

Pump Controls
Managing the SWD facility entails many functions throughout the day. The ability to fully control pumps, including starting and stopping pumps is crucial to operations.

With eFCAS, the operator has the ability to start and stop pumps, including the offload pumps, transfer pumps and injection pumps. This is easily done through eFCAS’ advanced HMI interface and allows the operator to perform Tank Management very easily.

With eFCAS Trending, you can trend anything that is stored in the eFCAS Data Historian Database. Users can trend things on-demand or store common trends in eFCAS Trend Groups.

The timeline in the trend can be dragged left to go back in history for as long as the data has been kept on the machine. The Data Historian compresses the data based on known Data Compression methods and Dead-banding. Once the data is trended, eFCAS has several easy to use analysis tools to use on the data as well as many ways to share the trend images or trend data with others.

CPU is partnered with a specialty company which will give you a turn-key Salt Water Disposal Solution including drawings, construction, implementation, site testing and commissioning. This partner uses our eFCAS SWD Solution in all of their SWD facilities. Please feel free to call us at CPU and we will get you in touch with the right people.

If you have questions about any features of the eFCAS Suite or CPUs’ Salt Water Disposal Solution, please contact us at 1-504-456-7446 and we will help in any way we can.